Microscopy by University Laboratory.
Analytical results by Spectra Chem Ltd and ESR.
Samples collected by T.K.U.G. Inc (technical)

The quarry dust particles polluting the surrounding residential areas are not inert and harmless to the inhabitants. Scientific analysis confirms that the Three Kings Quarry basalt and scoria rocks contain a high degree of silica, and in particular quartz, which is a health hazard with sometimes fatal consequences to workers in the quarrying and mining industry. Fibrous aragonite is a another mineral identified in samples taken from the Three Kings Quarry - this mineral is not good for the bronchial system. Ferrous and Manganese compounds were also analysed in the basaltic samples; the dust from these minerals is a serious risk to human health.

Which raises the question:
Should the Three Kings Quarry operation be allowed to continue in the middle of a prime residential area?

The precautionary rule should apply.

DustSurvey5_3_00 (33K)

The photo below shows a piece of scoria with a quartz inclusion.
This is from the south east section of the quarry. ScoriaWithQuartzInclusion_fromSouthEastSection (82K)

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